About Me…


Sometimes I think very philosophically, especially when it comes to life
and why we are all here. Together. On this earth. I like to think that I
was put on this Earth for a reason. We all were. Whether it was to perform
a certain task, or fulfill a certain duty…. I truly believe we were all put
here for a reason. My reason…. To sing. I love singing. It is the air I
breath, the land I walk on, the water I drink. Every second of every day
I think about music. Of course it does not help that I go to school for
music education, but hey, you get my drift. I love music and I want to
share it with people. I love people and I want to help people. That is why
I was put on this Earth and I believe that whole-heartedly.

Performing is something that empowers me and brings me to new heights.
Every time I am on stage, I feel as though I can conquer anything. All my
thoughts and cares go away (well, I care about hitting the big money notes)
but besides that, it helps me relieve my stress and it makes me feel
invincible. Singing is my thing. It’ll always be my thing. And all I want to
do is share it with the world.

I will be graduating with a B.S. in music education in a year, which is
surreal.  Some people may call me crazy for pursuing both my singing career
and my college career at once, but I believe it was the best thing I ever
did. Now I know what music actually is, what it can do for people and how
it can benefit people’s lives.  I learned how a song is pieced together
diatonically and how to strategically run a rehearsal when my band members
get out of hand. HA! I have learned so much from going to college and
pursuing my solo career at the same time. This has been one of the biggest
challenges and one of the biggest blessings to have ever happened to me.
Not only has it made me a better performer for all of you, but it has made
me into a better person.

I truly hope for success in the music business and use any ‘fame’ I might
obtain to help others.  This idea is what drives me to reach my goals!